Monday, April 13, 2009

Number 17

This morning marked the most momentous event to hit Butler, PA since Super Walmart.  

  • The Grand Opening of Dunkin Donuts - 

Since New Years rumors have flown back and forth about the stores entering our new outdoor mall complex.  Only Ross, Verizon, and McDonalds posted signage early in the year, while the other half dozen store names remained a mystery.  At the beginning of March our greatest hopes rose with the confirmation that America’s best donut maker was coming.  

I have a pretty strong emotional connection with Dunkin Donuts.  When I was little my father and I stopped by the place at least once a week.  He’d grab a coffee and some donuts.  I’d drink a milk (chocolate, if I could get away with it) and eat my favorite donut: - The best donut of all time

  • The only reason to eat donuts
  • The purpose for which dough was created
  • The greatest tribute to Boston.


Yes, there are other donuts worth eating, but none shall ever surpass the glory of the Boston Creme.  It’s a perfect combination of chocolate, custard, and dough.  With a swig of cold milk or coffee, I doubt there’s a better breakfast taste in all America.  

This morning I rolled off my couch at 4:30.  Ouch.  Why was I doing this?  After all I woke not much later than this yesterday to travel and preach three Easter services.  This was for the donuts, for the history, for the privilege of saying, “I was there!” when the doors of the store open.  

And, yes, I was there.  I wasn’t the first though.  Nor did I think I would be.  In front of me stood a group of high school guys.  One had a video camera and filmed the young lady flipping on the “Open” sign at the front of the store.  The first kid in line said he’d been sitting there since midnight.  The two guys in front of me were late comers having shown up relatively late:  3:30 am.  

I walked into the store and placed the 17th order in the history of the establishment.  A ham, egg, and cheese croissant and iced carmel swirl latte topped off with a dozen donuts (not for me, for friends) inaugurated my new experience.  

I’ve got to say I am disappointed they don’t have any comfy chairs.  Perhaps I was hoping to much for a Starbucks-esque feng-shui.  I’m still looking for a place in town I can hit early in the morning.  


phasejumper said...

I LOVE Boston creme donuts! Congratulations on your new donut shop (even though, in my humble opinion) it could never compare with the wonder that is a warm glazed Crispy Creme donut...

TwoMuths said...

with summer coming, perhaps you can get your coffee to go and hit a park.

DD coffee. Mmm. And your description of the doughnut is really making me reconsider my sugary sweets swear off. But only for a moment. I will persevere!