Saturday, April 25, 2009

Photos - Kurt and Rachel

This morning I woke early to a unseasonably warm Western Pennsylvanian sunrise.  

Ah!  Spring is in the air.  

After throwing on a polo and pair of shorts I dashed out the door to meet Kurt and Rachel, a young couple from our school who asked me to shoot their engagement pictures.  

Kurt graduated in our school's first senior class, but before he left he just happened to join a college trip to Northland that Rachel was also attending.  The two hit it off!  They sat together at all the restaurants, flirted with one another in the van, and haven't been separated in the three years since.  

Of course I'm happy to see them getting married, but even more I'm thrilled to watch them live their lives to honor God.  

Ps.  I've been told, "It's sad when your students start getting married before you do!" 

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Gmr_Krm said...

Hey Ken! Not sure if you remember me or not, but I'm Keith Myers. I went to SRBC a few times with the Portersville Youth Group. I was searching for my new neighbors, Kurt and rachel, because I had met Rachel and not Kurt yet, and wanted to see what they look like. Sarah Adams (you may remember her) and I are getting married in October and we are moving in above them. I just searched for "Kurt and Rachel" in Butler, Pa. And this was one of the 2 pages to pop up! After scrolling through more of the blog I saw pictures of you, and was like "wow this guy looks really familiar!" and sure enough, I look through to your profile and saw Ken Kistler.

The world is a small place after all!