Friday, April 17, 2009

Smattering of Thoughts

Yesterday I took a few minutes to swing by my brother-in-law's blog.  It is SO not fair.  The guy's a genius.  He takes opportunity to share a couple of the many thoughts floating around in his mind, and it strikes me that many of his flitting thoughts are deeper than any focused meditation I've ever done.  

I did like the style of his blog.  He didn't dash off 2,000 words on any one subject; rather he summarized the thought and moved on.  Perhaps I can do the same.  

  • Windows Commercials:  Ok, so maybe I’m biased, but I can’t stand the new Windows commercials.  First, they seem so contrived; which, of course, they are.  Everybody knows Apples cost more.  Duhh!  That’s like being surprised that a Lexus costs more than a Chevy.  No one’s shocked by that.  Just like no one is surprised that a Lexus is a better car than a Chevy.  Do they both get you from Point A to Point B?  Certainly.  I hate the assumption that just because a Windows PC costs less it’s a better choice.  I’ve suffered through my share of Windows computers.  NO MORE!  Are Macs for everyone?  No.  Get a Windows computer.  I don’t care, but don’t tell me it’s a better option simply because it’s cheap.  There’s a reason it’s cheap.  

  • Somali Pirates:  Go America!  Let me clear: I don’t rejoice at the death of any teen, whether Somali or American.  I do rejoice at justice.  I do rejoice at Captain Philips freedom.  I do rejoice that the President allowed the use of force.  It’s just nice to see some Americans still won’t be pushed around by evil-doers.  

  • Krispy Kreme:  I mentioned earlier this week that Dunkin Donuts has come to Butler, and all good people said, “Amen!”  A word must be mentioned here about the competition, Krispy Kreme.  “Yuck.”  That’s the word.  Or you could say, “Gross.”  Or, “Bleh!” Though I’m not really sure if “Bleh” counts as a word.  So, yes, if given no other option I could probably down about three dozen Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, but if I was given the option I’d choose D+D every time.  Dunkin Donuts has taste, weight, and mass (as do most the people who eat there).  Krispy Kreme is more like some fake light little French cake pretending to be a donut. Or you could say, Dunkin Donuts is like the steak.  Krispy Kreme is like the metrosexual vegan burger.  

  • One other thing for now . . . Lord willing . . . I’m traveling to Mexico this summer.  It’s a Mission Trip.  Please don’t write to remind me how dangerous it is.  We’ll be in Mexico City far from the madly-drugged crowd.  The missionaries there (ABWE) asked me to come for a week of photography.  More about that later, but I’d appreciate your prayers!  


phasejumper said...

I would like sprouts on my metrosexual vegan burger, please....

Dave said...

Two things: One---I'm not a genius...I got you all fooled (although, does that make me a genius? jk)
Two--Totally agree on the Dunkin Donuts. When Keara and I went back to NYC, we ate pizza three times in 3 days and had Dunkin Donuts at least 3 times as well!!!

Keara said...

ok - I laughed - HARD - at this line "I’d choose D+D every time. Dunkin Donuts has taste, weight, and mass (as do most the people who eat there)." Maybe that's why there are no DnD in CA

TwoMuths said...

You get what you pay for, indeed. I'm laughing. It's nice to read your stuff again.

Mexico? Awesome.

Zia's Photography said...

The Mexico photography trip sounds awesome! I am jealous.