Monday, May 11, 2009

Trailer Review: GI Joe

GI Joe - Having spent most of my childhood years playing with these action figures, I thrilled at the idea of a movie based on the series.  Then I saw the trailer.  With more than a little sadness I must confess this movie looks STUPID!  

I think the reason the recent comic to live-action movies (Batman, Spiderman, Iron Man, Wolverine, X-Men) have generally done so well is based on their attempt to make the movies as realistic as possible.  I realize men dressed as bats, spiderweb slinging teens, and clawed Aussies aren't at all realistic, but they try to be.  The Batman series crumbled in the 90's as it slipped further and further from reality.  The Fantastic Four movies bombed because they are so unrealistic.  Spiderman and Batman soared at the box office because we can all empathize with a young man trying to win his red headed sweetheart or a hero-at-heart fighting regret and bitterness.  That, and we love the action sequences associated with these blockbusters. 

I could be totally wrong, but the GI Joe trailer looks like it’s all action sequences and very little real plot line, emotion, or character driven story.  

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