Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From a Student's Essay

Part of the essay questions was this:

Question:  Give your reasoning for why so many modern authors are pessimistic in their outlook.

Answer:  Probably because they're bitter at someone for punching them in the nose or something.  They write it out on a piece of paper because pretty much all your authors were geeks in school and if they would have punched the guy back they would have gotten murdered and thrown in a garbage can.  So that's why all your authors are pessimistic.  

I gave him a couple of points just for creativity.  


TwoMuths said...

ha ha ha! yeah, he "pretty much" said it.

phasejumper said...

I KNEW there was a good reason I'm not a famous author....I should have gotten punched in school. Now I know. I'm going to miss the funny things your student's say this summer!

Nicole said...

I LOVE it! :) Although... how do you grade something like that?