Monday, May 11, 2009

Going to the Movies

Yesterday I went to Pittsburgh to hang out with my dad.  "You hung out with your dad on Mother's Day?  What about your mom, you big creep?"

Well, both mom and sister are in LA to celebrate Dave's (my brother-in-law's) graduation from The Master's Seminary.  That along with Keara's soon giving birth are keeping life very exciting for the Kistlers on the west coast.  So, my dad and I decided to hang out.  We stopped at the Apple Store in Shadyside, then I dragged him down to the Waterfront against his better judgement and treated him to see Star Trek.  

Growing up we used to watch reruns of the show on Saturday night after dinner.  Since we didn't have cable it was either that or flip to PBS for reruns of the Lawrence Welk show.  I still have nightmares of thousands of rising bubbles.  

I have some thoughts on the movie, but I'll save those for another time.  It was the movie trailers that struck me yesterday.  As usual it seemed like we sat through six dozen trailers before the actual movie began, but most of them caught my attention in one way or another.  

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