Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Land Flowing with Panera and Starbucks

This morning I took the "VIA Challenge" at Starbucks. They asked me to differentiate between their Pike's Place Brew and the new Via Instant Coffee. Sorry to say, I was right. I guessed the Instant Coffee. The poor barista looked so disappointed.

"It was still good!" I tried to cheer him.

Simply by taking the test I was given a coupon for a free coffee. Ok, I got to tell you- the coupon is for the smallest, cheapest coffee that Starbucks sells. That said though, it's still free.

I'm still shocked by the number of coffee shops out here. Within a mile of my apartment you can get coffee at Starbucks, McDonalds, Coffee Kiosk, It's a Grind, or Panera. That's not all though. I did a quick search on the GPS as I was driving with my sister last week. Eight Starbucks popped up on the screen within three miles of where we were. In Butler there's not a single Starbucks in 13 miles let alone 3.

This morning I spent about 15 minutes in the car driving to the center of town just to visit my favorite Starbucks. A cute little stream flows behind it between a fountain on one end and a small waterfall on the other side. The patio beside the stream is shaded and little birds hop across the cobblestone to nibble on any crumbs dropped by the customers.

It's the perfect little place to enjoy Saturday morning devotions.

So with that I say "Adieu" to you and open the Word . . .

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TwoMuths said...

I got some VIA samples in the mail, and I do have to agree with you that it is good - the best instant coffee I've ever had. But it's still instant.