Saturday, June 13, 2009

Matt and Rachel's Wedding

I spent the last half of this week enjoying the southern hospitality of Greenville, South Carolina.

Why Greenville? No, it had absolutely nothing to do with Bob Jones.

Instead I traveled south to be Best Man in my friend, Matt Tuttle's, wedding.

Last night I tried to think about the first time I met Matt. I really can't remember. Sometime in my first few weeks attending Northland Baptist Bible College I met Matt and struck up a friendship that's lasted ten years.

We enjoyed almost every moment this week from setting up for the wedding, to going out for breakfast, to scaring him with the prospects of a wild bachelor party.

In the end Matt and Rachel (formerly Hindman, now Tuttle) had a beautiful wedding. They were wed in a gorgeous Baptist church near downtown Greenville. Matt's fellow music majors sang and played majestic music throughout the ceremony. I didn't lose the ring, for which I was grateful; and the happy couple drove away last night to rousing applause from friends and family.

Ps. I didn't take a lot of pictures at the wedding, but here are a few I grabbed of all the little nieces and nephews running around the rehearsal picnic.


MAK said...

cute, lots of personality showing! Get permission to use the curly cutie one.
L&P, Just Me

MAK said...

love these - cute, lots of personality showing. Get permission to send out the curly cutie pic
just me

ruth said...

It was great to see you Ken. What a blessing it was to be there!

Zia's Photography said...

Great Pictures! Oh my word! I did not know Matt & Rachel were getting married. How cool is that after all these years away from NBBC that they are now getting married? Tell them I said congrats!