Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Camping Trip

Just a few hours after school ended on Friday Jeff Gwilt and a handful of other youth sponsors took a dozen guys up to Cook's Forest. We setup tents, cooked dinner, and played some rough and tumble games.

Then, part way through the evening Danny Herman tried tackling a small tree. It fought back and broke his nose. That tree cost me a three hour, round trip drive to the emergency room.

In the morning we enjoyed a beautiful canoe down the Clarion River. I wish I could have brought my camera, but I didn't trust myself with it in the kayak. Oh well. Maybe after I get some more practice.

Before heading home our guys climbed a massive Fire Lookout Tower. Green stretched in all directions.


phasejumper said...

Wow-your pictures are amazing! Those trees look HUGE!

Zia's Photography said...

I love the angle, look and lighting of that last one. I am guessing that is the fire tower lookout?